Friday the 13th

It’s Friday, February 13, 2015.  It’s also the beginning of President’s Weekend and of course the most special day of all this weekend… February 14th – VALENTINE’S DAY!!

Yes VD – the wonderful kind that you can spread around and celebrate with chocolates, flowers and the love of your life even if it’s just you.  We all want to have someone to love us and show us how important we are to them.  But we have to feel that way about ourselves first in order for that kind of love to be received.  You have to love you and know what it is like, so when that special someone comes into your life and you fall in love, you will be able to receive it openly – because you’ll know what it is supposed to feel like …. Yes it can be the giddy, OMG kind, no matter how old you are – for on the inside that is exactly how it makes you feel.  So this weekend, be and feel all happy, giddy, laughing and just all over yourself, expressing the love that you feel for yourself if you’re single and/or if you are in a relationship.  Celebrate your love first and all else is a delicious frosting!

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